Finca Constancia

An avant-garde state that brings the vineyard and winery together

Finca Constancia

PROVENANCE: Finca Constancia is a cutting edge winery which is the product of González Byass’ extensive experience in winemaking, concrete proof that their business is wine. The estate is located within the municipality of Otero in the province of Toledo and was purchased by González Byass in the year 2000. On the basis of an exhaustive study of the soil and the climate the vineyards were planted with indigenous and international varieties most suited to the local conditions. Construction of the new winery started in February 2005 and the building opened its doors on 23rd May 2006

The concept behind Finca Constancia was innovative in Spain: the amily wishid to create an integrated winery and vineyard similar to the traditional Châteaux in Bordeaux

SOIL AND CLIMATE: The winery is bordered to the north by the Sierra de Gredos and to the south by the Montes de Toledo, in the basins of the Tajo and Alberche rivers. Standing 90 Km from Madrid, the winery is in an ideal place for cultivating vines, where the potential to produce quality wines is considerable.

The landscape is undulating and there is significant variation of soil types. There are appreciably different microclimates too, to the extent that our 82 parcels are each different from the other. Precision viticulture is practised on all these plots or “parcelas”, which contribute extraordinary complexity to the wines. The soil is mostly deep and well drained but retains water in the subsoil aswell. The soils range from moderately acid to low through to very high alkaline. The texture of the soil is very varied too: it can be loam, sandy loamy clay, loamy clay or clay. All the soils are deep, contain a good percentage of organic matter and have no problems with salinity.

The climate where the estate is located is extreme continental Mediterranean, with cold winters and hot summers, whilst during ripening the diurnal range is considerable. This is due to the proximity of the Sierra de Gredos and its Almanzor Peak which rises to 2500m. It is snow covered during the winter, which cools the air and creates the sharp differences in temperature. Rainfall is moderate, some 500 litres a year and is very scarce during the ripening period. As a result the vines are seldom attacked by fungal diseases and the grapes are therefore healthy, with crops being of very even quality.

Finca Constancia

Bodega Constancia

Clean lines and cutting-edge design

Bodega Finca Constancia

The Winery

Finca Constancia is a cutting edge winery perfectly integrated into the landscape with the vineyards being the star. Architect Gonzalo Tello designed the building to be functionally efficient whilst blending into the landscape in which it stands. It has been equipped with cutting edge technology.

Visually it is divided into three perfectly distinct modules: each has been made of a different material, faithfully reflecting the phases of the winemaking process. Thus the stainless steel module houses the fermentation tanks, the glass one the bottling lines and the wooden module is where the barrel room is to be found.

The winery is a modern design, with clean lines and a state of the art look. The layout means the three sections of the winery can be viewed from a glass corridor without disturbing any work going on. The vineyards and the winery have been designed to ensure full traceability of the wines based on the plots the grapes come from. This in turn enables the quality of the grapes to be assessed taking into account any treatments they have received and also means different growing and winemaking techniques can be tested. The different varieties are always harvested and vinified separately when they reach their optimum point of ripeness.

The underground barrel room houses 1200 oak barrels on five levels. Each rests on a metal rack and the average age of the barrels is just three years. Almost 50% of the oak is American and 50% French with just a small proportion of the barrels made from Central European or mixed provenance oak.

The social area of the winery is geared to wine tourism and features a shop, meeting and relaxation rooms overlooking the vineyards and a room within the barrel room. The end result is a modern, functional, elegant, quality design where attention to detail has taken pride of place and the prime focus is on the origin of the wine: the vineyard.

Vineyards and Varieties

Parcel wines


The concept behind Finca Constancia was innovative in Spain: to integrate the winery into the vineyard as was the practise with the traditional Châteaux in Bordeaux. On the basis of an exhaustive study of the soil and the climate the vineyards were planted with indigenous and international varieties most suited to the local conditions. The climate where the estate is located is extreme continental Mediterranean with cold winters and hot summers. Rainfall is moderate and very scarce over the period the grapes are ripening. The entire vineyard is supported by trellises, which facilitates a longer ripening cycle whist enabling the vines to make the most of the available sunlight and creating shade in the adjacent row during the summer.

A detailed examination of the estate reveals a great diversity of microclimates across the 79 parcels. These are delimited by natural contours and have been planted with the varieties best suited to the different soil types: the reds include Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Graciano, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Muscatel and Garnacha, whilst the white varieties are Chardonnay, Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc.

In 2006 an experimental parcel was planted with numerous grape varieties, which were subjected to different pruning systems (goblet and trellis) so as to assess how they adapted to the estate’s soils and climate.

PARCEL WINES FROM A SINGLE STATE: The estate is split into 82 parcels or “parcelas”, each different from the other, planted with a selection of grape varieties that are harvested and vinified separately, facilitating traceability of the wines and enabling wines to be made from grapes grown on a single parcel. This approach also means that wines can be made in separate tanks, the quality of that grapes can be assessed and different growing and winemaking techniques can be trialled.
The highest areas of the estate are home to the parcels that produce “Altos de la Finca”. The porosity of the sandy soil on these parcels provides the roots of the vines with optimum aeration.

The estate’s Parcel 12 is characterised by its granite soil, inherited from the erosion of the Sierra de Gredos. This type of soil is recommended for growing grapes to make red wine as it adds minerality to the wine. This parcel is the source of Finca Constancia Graciano Parcela 12.

Continuing round the estate we come to Parcel 23. Here the soil is chalky so reflects the sunlight and stores the heat, offsetting the low night time temperatures. The wine from this plot is Finca Constancia Tempranillo Parcela 23.

Lastly and having seen a whole catalogue of soils on the way across the vineyard, you come to Parcel 52, whose stony, well drained and highly permeable soil produces Finca Constancia Verdejo Parcela 52.

Viñedos Finca Constancia

15 years sharing our history

• 2001: González Byass acquires an estate within the municipality of Otero, in the province of Toledo.
• 2006: Finca Constancia opens its doors.
• 2009: Finca Constancia gains ISO 9.001:2008 Quality certification.
• 2012: the first international accolades are won:

· Altos de la Finca 2010 wins the Grand Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.
· Finca Constancia 2009 wins a Gold Medal at the Bacchus International Wine Competition.
· Finca Constancia Parcela 23 2009 is recognised with a Gold Medal at the San Diego International Wine Competition.
· Finca Constancia Parcela 52 is launched. The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles awards the wine’s first vintage a Gold Medal.

• 2013: Finca Constancia chalks up another international success with its scores in Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate: Altos de la Finca 2011 is awarded 92 points and Finca Constantia 2011, 91 points.
• 2015:Finca Constancia Selección 2013 is awarded Gold Medal and title of Best Vino de la Tierra at Mundus Vini. Finca Constancia adapts several parcels of Tempranillo, Graciano, Garnacha and Cabernet Sauvignon for biodynamic viticulture.
• 2016: Finca Constancia wines achieve fresh success in Germany: Altos de la Finca 2013 and Finca Constancia Selección 2014 each win a Gold Medal at the latest Mundus Vini.
• 2016: The winery’s first organic wine, Finca Constancia Entre Lunas, is born.

According to our winemaker,
Beatriz Paniagua

“The wines that Finca Constancia produces are brimming with fruit, aromas and elegance on the nose. They are very well structured with a lot of complexity. Our philosophy is to make Single Plot Wines so as to extract the maximum potential from each grape variety and parcel of land.”

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